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We are company specialised in the area of welding gas and fire extinguishers. We provide services for welding gas bottles (gas cylinder) and fire extinguishers; sale, refills, maintenance and periodic inspections. We have been operating in the industry for the past 40 years and we continue to guarantee professional and high-quality service. In our company we use quality system certified by Dekra.


  • Sale and refills of welding gas bottles (gas cylinders) incl. Ar, Ar-CO2 mix, CO2, N2 and He
  • Periodic inspections of gas cylinders
  • Periodic change inspections (e.g. from Oxygen to Argon)
  • Fire extinguishers

Is it time for you to consider purchasing your own gas bottle (gas cylinder)?

  • You can purchase either a new or refurbished one
  • You will save as no rental expenses
  • Inexpensive refills and periodic inspections
  • Possibility to resell your gas bottle to us if no longer needed
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